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#writingprompt Word-A-New: BOTANY: the science of robot(bots) intelligence and emotion; evolutionary bot unique aethetic desire for expression of self

excerpt taken from BIOSPHERE DICTIONARY

copyright 2029

Category Tags: beings redefined, science, technology, time, date, cycles, standards and measures, accuracy, news, evolution  


Botany: the research, study, science, and engineering of  intelligently quotientented and emotional-orientation in robot design. Bot engineers have thus far internationally influenced socieites with integration of  bot beings into usage for standardizing world time, date, and location identification. There accuracy in calculations for standards is at 100% optimazation. Tides, lunar, and solar cycles are bot-legislated Calandar and date calibration is a job bots are in charge of via their ability to communicate and report from orbital-satellite fields.

The Botany Headquarters is currently in Zone East-2 North to Equator. There are scientists, researchers, administrators, a public relations official, the delivery experts, High Official Designators, and executors of the facility who fund and own it. The G-196, including all defined countries on our planet, are the overseers and aid with materials and funds when asked. They determine bot placement among human-types based on individual needs and advancement opportunity do to circumstantial data-collected evidentials. It is mandatory by the G-196, as decided at the 2014 Summit in Zone Mid-7 that every human-type recorded in hospital birth libraries across all Zones of the planet mandatorily take a bot that is delivered to them by delivery experts who educate and aid in the integral period of adaptation and proper utilization and treatment of the hand-picked bot. It is the job of the High Official Designators who tirelessly customize and assimilate bots for placement with “The” appropriate human-type.

 Bots communicate with humans, no matter their native tongue and are well-diversified across the board in all professional field dialects. The field of Botany and its research, study, and development or creation of bots is integral to aiding and delegating standards affecting our everyday lives in its achievements and continual improvement in securing levels of accuracy in our perception of what time and work can be. The time being saved with the aid of bots as new members of our social atmosphere has been dramatically improved.


This field is currently under scrutiny by disgruntled housewives who have purchased their  helper-bots (also referred to formally as robots in the botanic field of study)primarily aid and time-saving strategies for such things as housework and cooking. They have been known for the longest time now to be not only helpers and minimizers of time spent doing the things we have to do, like housework, but are also known as companions and heartfelt listeners to their designated being, type-human. In recent news, however, there has been an overwhelming amount of reports to Botanical Main Headquarters in Zone East-2. The botanists in Systems Analysis and Administrative Assistance have had to quickly adapt to what they are calling an step in the evolutionary processes. Constant calls, threads, SMS, e-mail, forum reporting, and complaint submittals express type-human asserting their frustration with designated companion bots: “…highly moody bots who decide to sit around and read for pleasure. They seem to be most interested these days in the latest styles from the New York and Paris cat walks and opening season fashions,” one Headquarter report read. Bots appear to be demanding in their desire to be attired with choice attire. Botanists express this new-found “taste for coutoure” which some could foresee as a new-found discovery in bots ability to discern an individually unique artistic side.

The evolution has been so sudden and it was unexpected but botanists are excited with the new records and are acting quickly. The soon-to-follow demand could be quite high in numerical costs and numbers of bots in accomodating their desired wardrobing. The expense in the present budget is frozen due to the results of analytical data that display accuracy in the prediction and botanists have become the top-grossers for top fashion magazines and fashionista conferences. When asked recently, bot-X129, reportedly commented on the question, “Why all the new-found intrique and enjoyment in observing fashion trends.” He replied, “Feel embarassed that I am so exposed. Would like to be more fashionably attired than my fellow bots who I have felt need to compete with lately. We talk on what’s hot and what’s not. Opinions differ. I am winning according to my present analysis and interpreter data reserve ratings.”Most recent update: “The aid of fulfilling these new desires in aesthetic expression is most certainly in a proper mode to reconcile  mood modulation,” according to Press secretary bot-Z-001, one of the more advanced of the team in his customized abilities with foreign and all public relations, in general.


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